Family Stockings: Done(ish)

I am about to publish this post. It is full of photos taken (poorly) with my iPhone. Let it be known I am not a photographer, I have crappy lighting in my house, I have an unsteady hand with the iPhone, and I’m not a real blogger, just a lady who posts things in case anyone is interested.

Disclaimer over.

I made stockings for everyone except my brother because he isn’t coming down here for Christmas. He’ll get one, too, but my folks will be around a bit sooner than he will be, so theirs were the priority. He doesn’t lack a stocking because he’s less important; he lacks a stocking because his arrival is less imminent. I present our family’s stockings, minus an important person’s, as captured by my iPhone at 8 p.m. last night.

I’m so dang pleased with myself over how they all coordinate. I love the menswear vibe, and the red/black/white/gray color scheme really makes me happy.

Here’s our pretty 2016 mantle.


And I finished another felt ornament for the 12 Days series. It’s the Turtledove. I’ve done an about face on my plans for the ones I’ll keep, though, so this guy will probably get gifted sometime either this Christmas or after I have a full set of gift ones.


I’m 100% sure I won’t post again before Christmas, so hope you all have lovely winter holidays!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments

As I admitted a couple posts ago, I’m really trying to jump on the Christmas decor train this year. However, I’m also really trying not to end up with a house full of purchased Christmas decorations that a) will be out of style tomorrow and b) have no emotional meaning for me. I am almost finished making our stockings, The Boy and I made some cinnamon and glitter ornaments, and now, I’ve started a long-term project to create lots of handmade felt ornaments for our future Christmas trees.

Trolling around Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I saw a beautiful “Swam A-Swimming” ornament and instantly fell in love. A little digging and I found the website of the lady who designed it, and then learned that she’s working on an entire series of ornaments that represent the Twelve Days of Christmas. The first is the Partridge and Pear, so I ordered the pattern and some pretty wool felt and got to work!



There’s a lot of intricate embroidery in these things, but they’re fairly easy projects and they look so pretty on the tree! I’m excited to tackle the Turtle Dove, and look forward to the day, months from now (partly because the artist hasn’t finished designing the series), when I have all of them done!

One more look at them together:




I hope everybody is finding ways to make their holidays special, even if you’re not making anything but memories!

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Menswear-Inspired Stockings

I’ve been kicking around the idea of making our stockings for years, but until I took a class to learn to sew this year, I wasn’t able to. This year, especially since Pete was suggesting it, I decided to make stockings for the whole family!

I wanted a few things out of our stockings. I wanted them to be small enough that they could be filled with a few stocking stuffers, but not so small that you couldn’t put anything good in there. I wanted them to be something we’d like for a long time, so nothing trendy, and I wanted a cozy, mostly cohesive feel about them, but not necessarily for them to all match. Ultimately, I wanted ones that would go with most Christmas decor, but not be super whimsical and make me feel like I lived in Whoville.

After some pondering, I decided I wanted to use fabrics that reminded me of menswear: varying shades of grey, red, black, and white or cream in flannel and wool. I wanted to stick with classic patterns, too, things like herringbone, plaid, houndstooth, and stripes. I found a great tutorial for making stockings, and went to work!

I won’t show much of the process, because it’s the other blogger’s, but just know that it was super easy! The only thing I did differently from her design was to add the applique to the actual body of the stocking instead of the cuff; that’s just a personal preference.

I used different combinations of a bunch of menswear fabrics, including making the hanging loops out of the fabrics. I did line mine and make my letter out of a floral print; these stockings were so handsome, but I wanted mine to be a bit more feminine.

I love them all!



To make our mantel look special this year, I bought some tiny, battery-operated copper string lights. It helps avoid the whole “string of lights down the side to reach a plug-in” issue, and they looks so pretty and tiny and twinkly!


I love how the fabrics play against each other, and each one is so soft and cozy and warm.


The house is mostly decorated for Christmas, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for more decorations and some gifts, as well. I’ll blog about them as I get them done! Merry Christmas season from the Huffaker House to you all!!



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Fall Pillows

Hey guys!

I have a confession to make: I’ve been slacking. Somehow I haven’t felt very creative lately. Work is nuts, and I’ve been in a bit of a depression over some hearing issues I’ve been having that frequently make singing and even talking uncomfortable. However, my husband pointed out to me recently that if I can’t sing and do all the theatre-y things that keep me sane right now, maybe I need to channel the energy into another creative endeavor. So, last Friday, that’s what I started doing.

I’ve always made fun (as in, poked fun at, not making people cry) of people who go all out decorating for each season. I have a couple aunts who do that, and I give them a hard time about all the RubberMade boxes full of seasonal decorations they own. That said, I’ve always loved going to their houses during the seasons for which they decorate; color me hypocritical. And, as my son grows older and starts to love holidays, I’m starting to feel like maybe they were onto something with the whole “making the house look special” thing. My kid’s only little once, and last night, he wanted to put up the “feefeeshree” (that’s Christmas tree for people who don’t speak gibberish). So, fine, you adorable aunt creatures. You win. I’m in.

That said, I despise the hullabaloo about “decorations”. I hate the stores that sell Christmas decorations in September. I get mad that people are conned into purchasing corn husks at $15 per clump (is that even the right terminology?).


This shit pisses me off.

That up there? That’s not a natural birch pole. Or rather it is, but where I come from, that’s a freaking branch. (Side note: I love that you can order it online and pick it up in the store…as opposed to picking it up in your yard.)

So, in an effort to do what home bloggers like to call “nesting,” including “warming up the space with texture” and “coziness”, I set out on Friday to make some fall-ish pillows for our bed. I should take this moment to say that when Peter came home and asked me what I had done that afternoon, I said, “I made new throw pillows for the bed.” Having just come from the bedroom, he said, “Our bed?” To which I responded, “Yes, our bed.” He said, “Today? Like they’re in there right now?” And I said, “Yes, right now.”

He paused. And he said, “I would never have noticed.” But upon further inspection, he did choose the herringbone pillow as his favorite.

I think the not noticing came partly from my color choices. I’d had some pretty pillow covers I made from napkins I bought on sale from Anthropologie on the bed since May or so, but I decided to go more neutral and get some cozy flannel material this time around. I still have a couple to make, and I’m hoping to liven it up with a bit of color.


The materials I chose: a gray and white plaid flannel, a navy and dark green plaid flannel, a grey herringbone flannel, a cream cotton with a mudcloth pattern in blue, and charcoal corduroy for the backs of the pillows.

On Friday, I made two pillow covers (covers only– I don’t have the storage space for actual full-on pillows). First, using this tutorial for creating continuous bias tape, I made piping from the herringbone flannel.

Then, I made an envelope pillow cover for the pillows I already had on the bed using that piping.


I went ahead and made a pillow cover from the grey plaid the same way, just without piping. Here’s the look so far:


I made the two pillow covers on the right, but the navy one on the left is a navy pillow I bought at HomeGoods last year. I was a little disappointed with how the herringbone pillow on the right read from a distance. It’s a really nice pattern, but it’s so small that you can’t tell it’s herringbone (my current pattern obsession) from the doorway. Oh, well. Lessons in home decorating learned.

I’m about halfway done with creating pillow covers for the bed (I know, that’s a lot of pillow covers, but I’m practicing and they’re fun and I like lots of pillows). I like that the neutral pillows can be spread all over the house once I tire of them all being on the bed. The grey herringbone will probably travel upstairs to the guest bedroom.

Making my own “warming up the house” decorations for this fall and winter is a bit of an attempt to walk the walk; I do want to have a warm and cozy house for the winter. I do want to make the kind of home my family and I love coming home to. I do enjoy mixing patterns and colors and fabrics. I don’t enjoy going out and buying thing after thing after thing to try to make that home what I want it, and I really get frustrated with the pressure to buy trendy items that make my home stylish.

So I’m going to try to make what I can this year and see where I get. I have no talent for this kind of thing; I think I am able to think in big pictures when it comes to my house, but the idea that I need to have accessories that get switched out in appealing ways is a bit overwhelming. But others do it; so can I! In a few years, I’ll have the “seasonal decor” thing down, and my son will remember a sweet, cozy home from his childhood and I’ll remember spending my time creating the home we love on a budget we can handle with the right amount of stuff so we don’t have to get a storage facility. 😉

Happy fall, guys! I’ll try to get back next week with a finished set of bed pillows.

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Textiles: My Personal Weak Spot

Shew, it’s been a while. Honestly, we just haven’t been doing THAT much on the house in the last month or so. Peter and I both work in academia, and once that school year gets going…all bets are off for a while.

I’ve been trying not to purchase things for the house lately; you know how sometimes you just reach critical mass and you start looking around for things you could simplify instead of complicate? I think I reached that over the summer and have been trying to hold off on purchases I’ve pondered for a while.

We did buy a rug. Our sweet old lady dog Maggie, who passed away early this year, had ruined a cheap Lowe’s rug that was under our bed, protecting our feet from the cold, old hardwood floors of a 1900 house.


Poor Miss Maggie: Loved Pete, Destroyed Rugs.

I had tried to fix it with a carpet cleaner, and then a carpet shampooer, but ultimately, we just needed a new rug. After searching, and searching, and searching, we finally both settled on this one in grey from Rugs USA. It was simple, natural fiber, the right size. We bought it and put it in our room and it looked lovely.


It was pretty and simple and felt great under my feet. And it stayed there approximately 4 hours.

Our other old lady dog, Dixie, has a habit of rolling around like a maniac on the floor after she eats. YOU GUYS, SHE’S JUST SO HAPPY. So of course, because this was a woven rug, she created a whole bunch of pulls, 85% of which I could fix. She sleeps on her own bed in our bedroom, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of locking her out when she’s been allowed to sleep in there for 10 years…so up it went into the guest room, which is now really, super cozy. Seriously, you should come stay with us. Enjoy the rug.


Miss Dixie: Different Tactic, Still Destroys Rugs.

So basically, we still have no rug and I’m waiting until I feel a sufficient amount of time has passed before I try again. I’ll be finding something that’s tufted this time.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself lately is I have a thing for textiles. Don’t get me wrong, I like choosing paint colors, I LOVE case furniture, and dishes and stuff are alright, but I think in the home decor (and really even just general life) department, my first and truest love is with cloth. I genuinely like rug shopping, which is not something I can say about car shopping. Or cookware shopping. Or television shopping (ugh, the worst, I had a anxiety attack in a Best Buy once).

I like natural fibers and lots of texture. I find myself drawn to cotton and seagrass and wool. I visibly shudder when I touch a throw blanket thinking it should be cotton only to find out it’s acrylic. I think I caught myself saying, “Nope” out loud the other day when I did it at TJ Maxx. I spent way too much money on a new quilted blanket from Schoolhouse Electric (seen above on the bed) because it was light and 100% cotton and had a pretty, simple pattern on it.

I recently bought this beautiful scarf from a seller on Etsy because it was cotton and silk and hand block printed and naturally dyed and goes with everything I own because I own almost exclusively grey and navy blue things.


I NEEDED it to go with my navy dress, my grey cardigan, and my navy sandals. Duh.

I’m beginning to understand, too, how people can end up spending a fortune on fabric for projects they may or may not eventually make. I made a couple baby blankets for friends and had so much fun picking out materials.


I’m not even kidding, I also bought that Narwhal fabric in white. Just because.

I’ve got some plans (and have bought the material) for flannel pillows for our bed this winter, so I’ll be trying to do some sewing soon, both to practice and just because I like to change things up.

I think I’m gonna have to come up with a storage solution for all of this someday. Good thing I’ve got a husband who builds things…

You guys who sew– is this a problem for you, too?? Do you binge buy fabric without a set-in-stone project in mind?

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Rocket Bed!

We’ve been thinking for a while that The Boy’s trundle bed needed an upgrade. A while ago, we decided to make it into a rocket bed, and Peter started working on a plan for the bed and I got to work on a blanket.

I finished the blanket a few weeks ago:


I appliqued his initial onto the top, and hid a tiny moon in the bottom corner of the underside.


A few weeks ago, Pete took The Boy outside and cut out a rocket-shaped piece of wood to make the trundle into more of a day bed where he could sit up and read books before bed.


I like this picture because it looks like The boy is about to whop his dad in the head.

This weekend, we finally finished the rocket bed. I love the result.

First, we painted the rocket. The Boy and I had had some fun with crayons on one side of it, so we preserved that side and only painted the other side. Peter painted it the same blue as the cabinetry in our bedroom, and then I went back in with a small brush and painted some details. I’m not an artist, but the result is fun. I mean, it’s clearly handpainted by someone who has no skill or talent, but it’s sweet and simple and I like it anyway.


The trundle is really just the crib mattress and support set inside a wooden frame with casters for easy maneuvering. Peter rigged it up a while back, so this weekend was just painting and attaching the rocket.

The Boy helped, of course.






The final result, with the blanket, is pretty dang cute!!




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Hail the Conquering Hero (me)!

Let’s get down to it. Peter hates snakes. He’s terrified of them. Screams like a girl, runs away, doesn’t want to be near them, doesn’t even like to touch things they’ve touched. He has given me permission to say all these things, by the way. He says he’s not ashamed ( even though he should be, just a little).

Imagine his surprise when he turned around in his workshop/shed early Sunday morning and this guy was hanging out on a shelf at eye level.


I asked Peter later if its eyes glowed red when he first saw it.


I heard a screaming from outside and ran out to find Peter doing some kind of “get off get off get off” dance and telling The Boy to get away from the shed. There was a 3.5′ long black snake hanging out in Peter’s personal space.

Let me be clear: I don’t like snakes, either. I understand they have a place in our ecosystem, and I don’t necessarily wish harm on them, but they move weirdly and are welcome to stay the hell away from me. We will get along fine if we are in completely different parts of the yard.

Despite my own fears, Peter couldn’t handle the removal of this thing. I told him I’d take care of it and he acted like I was nuts, but then proceeded to watch as I chased it around the shed for the next hour or so. I kept trying to coax it out the door and it kept hiding behind things. I legit saw it slither UP a wall at one point (to get into this position above, in which he was originally hiding behind a giant slab of oak). Finally, I told Pete to go get a box and I gently tipped him into the box with a rake.


The Boy and The Dog and The Husband (not pictured) backseat driving my heroic snake-catching activities. This is directly before my “into the box” maneuver (see the Pampers box on the floor?). I was building up the courage for my last stand against the snake.

After that I lost my mind a little because it tried to slither up and out of the box and I screamed and Pete screamed (from 15′ behind me) and I finally tamped it down with the top of the rake and tried to tape the box shut. That didn’t work because I didn’t have the right flaps down in the right order. So Pete got me a trash bag, which ended up not fitting over the top of the box, and I had to tape it all up, anyway. Which meant I had to be within arm’s length of the snake for like 2 minutes.


With the bag I attempted to put over the box and ended up taping all around it.

Peter wanted me to take the snake far away, so I put it in the truck and drove about 4 miles away and released it by a stream. I hope he’s okay…well, i hope he’s not hurt by my actions. He’s on his own after that. I toyed with the idea of telling Pete there was no snake in the box when I got to the river, but I figured that might be overly cruel.

(ETA: Peter wanted me to make something clear here. The snake was in there because a bunch of baby birds, whom he and The Boy had been monitoring and watching as they grew had left the nest the night before and had been flitting around the shed learning to fly. The snake, we are pretty sure, had eaten at least one of the baby birds, as I noticed a baby-bird-sized bulge in his snake body. So, the snake is a true super villain and ruiner of Peter’s bird family’s life.)

Otherwise, our other weekend adventure was going to our favorite specialty lumber yard for some poplar that Peter needs for a woodworking project with his museum studies students.


The Boy always ends up FILTHY after we go to this place.


I always ogle the cherry wood. It’s such a pretty color.


Talk about an ill-fated trip. The Boy did okay until Peter wanted to stop at an antique store to look at antique tools…and he promptly threw up all over himself, the car seat, the car, everything. I started giggling while I tried to clean it because it was all so futile. But everybody made it home a little stinky and worse for wear, but toting wood, foodstuffs from Trader Joe’s, and an antique hammer, drill, and Wilson the train from Chuggington.

And finally, we’ve been plugging away at non-house related projects. Peter recently got an old lathe on eBay and when he had to drive up to northern Illinois to see his family a few weeks ago, he picked it up and brought it down. He’s been learning to turn things.


He turned the base of this (unfinished) table from a dead cherry tree he cut down in the yard. With an axe. Which was originally something he decided to purchase as a workout method, because he is him. But I digress.

He also built this chair a while back. I showed it when he was still working on it, but it’s finished now, I think.


This is why we can never be tiny house people, despite a general preference for living simply. We love furniture, especially case furniture, too much. Where would we put all of Peter’s treasures?

Also, we’ve also been working on a revamping of The Boy’s sleeping situation, and that has turned into a plan to build him a rocket bed. Peter’s working on what, exactly, that means, but my job was to sew him a blanket suitable for said rocket bed.


I bought a couple yards of cuddly flannel with stars all over it and appliqued an “L” in cotton on the front before sewing. On the backing, I used a white fabric with constellations all over it and appliqued a small moon in the bottom right-hand corner. The Boy loves moons, and this is like his little secret on his blanket. It’s hidden unless he wants to show somebody or pull it out and look at it.


Because the flannel really didn’t slip on the cotton, I simply did the applique, sewed it rights sides together, trimmed, flipped it right sides out, and top-stitched. I’m sure if it was slippery material, I’d have needed to added quilting of some sort, but then I’d have had to bind the whole thing and I wasn’t up for that. The flannel seems to keep the cotton in place, so I think it’ll be fine. I really didn’t want it to be much warmer than the two layers of fabric, anyway; The Boy is a little radiator when he sleeps.

So those are the projects we’ve been working on lately! I probably won’t be writing next week; I’m having sinus surgery and I think that’ll put a halt to productivity for a little while. Or I’ll be super productive and have tons to write about in two weeks, but I’m gonna take the pressure off to write next week. Happy making!

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