A Home for the Holidays

I bet you think this is going to be a sweet, nostalgic blog post about making your home cozy for the holiday season, right? Nope. This blog post is about relocating a workbench for the winter. The harsh, cruel, rude winter of Tennessee (I’m a Midwesterner, so clearly I’m being facetious).

This is our hallway:


You can read about the saga of the hallway in the House Tour. It is now beautiful and white and clean and bright. I love it.

It also used to be occupied by an early 20th century dresser originally owned by Peter’s grandfather. That’s not the case anymore, as it has a new tenant.

We spent last weekend cleaning out the antique dresser, transferring Peter’s clothes into it, and moving it into our bedroom. We subsequently gave away the garage sale dresser Peter was using (we had gotten our $20 out of it and felt like it was time to pay it forward). All of this is in preparation for a move upstairs when it’s time to begin construction on the closets in the master bedroom.

That room currently looks like this (minus the laundry and stuff; I’m no professional blogger or interior designer and this ain’t a money-makin’ blog):


See the wood paneling on what used to be a door from the dining room? There is now a custom-built cabinet on the other side of it. And on that whole wall is going to go this:


There will be two closets, custom built by Peter, with space for the bed in-between. Above the bed will be shelving, and directly behind it, storage space with a hinged lid. The purpose behind all of this construction is to turn this into a true master bedroom with two closets.

The moving around this weekend also meant that this bad boy came inside:


Meet Peter’s workbench. It is the culmination of all his hopes and dreams. Well, it’s the culmination of at least a year of work, including finding 200-year-old barn wood, planing and routing it down, finding an antique wooden screw, finding an antique iron vise, filling the wood with epoxy where it had split, and a hundred other tasks. I’ll write a whole blog post about it someday, but I’ll have to really interview Peter about it.

Point is, Peter didn’t want it sitting out on our front porch (his only real work space, poor guy) all winter, and he also wants to be able to use it when renovating the bedroom this winter. So now, it lives in our hallway. I’d say this was some kind of horrible sacrifice on my part, allowing it into our house, but to be completely honest (don’t tell Peter or his hats will get tight), the thing is absolutely beautiful and I love it. The only sacrifice was my dignity as I tried to move it with him and whimpered and cried and asked for gloves and yelled at him for pulling me faster than I could move.

But seriously, look at this thing.


I’m totally fascinated by the trick he pulled with the black epoxy in the checks in the wood, and I’ve made it clear that someday, our dining room table, made by him, will have those same checks and have the black epoxy in it. And when he says, “Do you know how much work that will be?” I just smile and say, “But it’s our dining room table…it’ll be passed down to our grandchildren…” And he says, “If they can move it out of the house,” and walks away shaking his head.

So I get major points this week. Not only am I the wife who let her husband move his giant workbench into the central hall of our home, I’m also the lady who gets to have this giant workbench in the central hall of our home. Score wife and pretty points!

And I get mom points because the Boy loves this thing, too.