Wanting Too Much Too Quickly

Shew, I started this post like four weeks ago. But then The Boy brought home the plague, which we carried to and apparently spread around Illinois, and then gave it to me. He went on a voluntary hunger strike while we were traveling, and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in two weeks. We’re still in recovery from a pretty rough Christmas trip. But I have lots of updates because, regardless of this, we got going on the bedroom renovations… more on that in a few days, though. And when I say “we got going on the bedroom renovations,” I mean Peter did, because I was laid low with the Tennessee Crud.

I’ve been realizing lately that I am guilty of wanting too much too quickly with our home. And I think that ties into something kind of like delusions of grandeur? Well, at least a tendency to forget where we are in our lives…


We bought this house in 2012 as a (fairly) newly married couple. We moved in on the weekend of our first anniversary, and since then, have made some significant changes that (we think) really make the place more pleasant.






(Ok, so it’s pretty cool WordPress let me group images like that!)

I think, though, every time we work on a space, and take it a little further down the road, I want it FINISHED, and I want it perfect, even if that means I’d render it unlivable. As in, it will be beautiful and sweet and light and adorable and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO WALK IN THERE WITH A SIPPY FULL OF JUICE.

Getting too worried about a space usually means a few things. I spend hours online looking for the things I “need” for the space- rugs, curtains, doo-dads in the right colors. I Pinterest and I go nuts reading blogs. Somewhere in the midst of it all, I start thinking about spending outrageous amounts of money and I get a bit big for my britches and start thinking “other people do that, spend lots of money on their house and decorations and stuff, why not me???”

And then it starts getting boring. I read the same stuff over and over again, and I start seeing that it all looks the same, and I start thinking about the fact that we’ll have a toddler for a while now, and will probably never be dog-less, and we’ll always be LIVING in our house, not staging pretty blog photos. To be honest, I end up feeling like a poser every time I try to make it pretty for a photo. It doesn’t much reflect real life in these spaces…


I hold off on the purchase and decide we’re okay for right now, or I finally give myself the creative freedom to figure out what I really want for the space, not what all the pictures on line say will be perfect. And hopefully, in the end, it doesn’t look like a Pinterest photo. It looks like home, instead.

And then I do the whole thing over again when we get some work done.

I’ve been obsessed with getting a new living room rug lately. The one that was in there was a rug we bought when we had no money and needed something to cover the floors. It has tons of pulls in it, and Maggie has had a few accidents on it. I painted the living room blue knowing that I was going to try to find another rug, so my ability to love the new color has been held up by this rug.


I’ve disliked it for a long time, so I’ve been hunting. HUNTING. Pinteresting. Shopping for deals… and trying to justify spending more money than I should to get a real wool rug. I really want to go more “real” with the fibers in our home, and I know wool rugs last a long time. But there is also the knowledge that a dog still might pull at it, a toddler might stain it, and Pete still doesn’t have his own shop space, so there WILL be sawdust footprints on it.

After months of looking (and even deciding on one and telling myself to wait until it’s on mega-sale, which would still be more than I wanted to spend), I did some soul searching and realized what we needed was a rug I didn’t mind, that hadn’t been soiled by a dog, that washed well, and didn’t break the bank, as it will be used in our main living space. We are in a season of compromises in our lives.

Ultimately, I settled for this: we’ve moved the rug from the dining room into the living room, keeping it nice and neutral under the blue grey (which I finally really love with a neutral rug).Pics of that soon.

I found a 75% off plus free shipping on a jute rug for under the dining room table. It should stand up to the use pretty well, it’s a natural fiber, and at $118, I don’t feel one bit bad about the price tag.

Photo from RugsUSA

It came in while we were traveling over break. I’ll post pictures as soon as I’ve got the rooms cleaned up. Insert “traveling/sick/exhausted” excuse here.

I’m excited to feel like the living room better reflects our tastes, but that the whole situation didn’t break the bank. And I’m trying to remember to furnish our home for US, not for comparison to the blogs and pins and photos online. I get so caught up, despite proud declarations on the “About” page, because it’s so easy to want it all perfect right now. I have to remember the point here: to make a home that fits our life and our needs. That means taking our time to make or find the right things, not rushing out to buy all the accessories that are the right color to match all the other stuff.