Snowed In with a Toddler


Well, we were snowed in with a toddler last weekend. Well, all of last week, really. MLK day happened, then we went to work on Tuesday, and then everything stopped in East Tennessee for the next 5 days while Winter Storm Jonas made himself at home. Life literally grinds to a halt until the roads melt off (not “are plowed off” or “are salted”). It’s the way it works down here, and while the Midwesterner in me wants to scoff and be like all those Northerner assholes who make fun of the South when it snows, I realize it’s because of the lack of infrastructure and that it would be silly to build said infrastructure (buying plows and things) for something that only happens once or twice a year. And I also realize driving on a Tennessee hairpin backroad in the snow is a little different from driving on a pin-straight Midwestern country road. So people stay home and slowly go crazy while their toddlers make them watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1,000X in a row. I’m not even kidding, we’re not allowed to watch anything  else.



Watching it. Again.

We also had to say goodbye to one of our old ladies on Thursday. We’ll miss Miss Maggie. She was a sweet girl who was a challenge but was wildly affectionate. She adored Peter with every bit of her Maggie body.


Dixie is still adjusting.


They didn’t like each other, but I think the tiger in the boat is still company. She was confused, and so was the Boy.

So it was a sad weekend, but we did do some more work in the house. Peter built the doors for the closets we’ve been working on. That means they’re almost done!

In-House Workshop and Wife Insane-ifier.


He does good work, though.

I also started walking through the house finding little things to do and to paint. I got rid of the blue on the top two shelves of the dining room cabinet. Originally, it was going to have glass doors, but we realized we’re never going to get to that, and we kind of like it open anyway.

You can see the blue here…
All gone!

Annnnd, I got bored and decided to move a glass cabinet into the hallway to open up the living room, and painted the front door. Don’t leave me in a house for 5 days. Things start happening.



Better pics when I have ’em.

Needless to say, I’m super ready for spring. I’m ready to get my hands in the dirt, and I’m ready to spend time outside with the Boy. And to bury the Chitty DVD. Deep.

What did you do while Jonas brought his worst?