House Goals: SPRING 2016

I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I just never stick with them, and I don’t find the new year particularly inspiring. I’m much better at setting some goals come March, when the weather starts turning nicer. I find THAT inspiring!

It’s a good time to start thinking about some goals for our home this spring. I started this post a few weeks ago, but we’ve made some decisions since then, so there are some edits in here.

  • Decide about adding a half bath upstairs and install it. Or don’t.   We’ve decided we’re putting in a bathroom upstairs.

Our house has only one bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely bathroom, but there’s only one of them.


It didn’t bother us when we bought it, but I think over the last four years, we’ve come to realize it’s a bit of a danger for resale. We’ve thought about four or five ways we could add a tiny half bath on the second level, and I think we’ve settled on the one that would work the best and be most cost efficient while preserving all available closet spaces.


No worries, the picture is just the upstairs landing, not the new location of the bathroom. After some conversations with the lady who sold us our house discussing the return on investment, we’ve decided it’ll be worth it, both for the resale value and quickness of sale when it’s time. We had the plumber out early this week to discuss it, and all systems will be go starting this coming weekend. Pete gets to build a wall and rip out a floor, lucky guy.

  • Finish all of the outdoor spaces. Repaint the porches.

The house has four porches. The back and south porches are mostly done. The north porch needs paint (or at least a good power washing). The front porch needed a whole lot of help, since we discovered some dry rot and other issues last summer. Peter finished rebuilding the front porch railings last weekend! It’s now painted (and ready to post about soon, I guess).


  • Power wash and generally beautify the outside of the house.

We haven’t kept up with yearly power washing, and it shows. It’s time to clean this baby up, touch up paint all over, and generally make her look like new.

power washing
Hello, original house color…funny seeing you here.

There’s a good possibility some of the trim will need repainted.

And I want to finish up my gardens. I’m looking forward to a really lovely year in the garden, since so much of what I planted in the last few years will reach maturity. Last year was a good year…


…but this year will be better. I’m working on a post about planning and planting a perennial garden and ways to ensure nice color combinations and seasonal variety.

And one thing I really love about this time of year is that housework doesn’t only happen on the weekends; we mulched and mowed a bit last night after work. The Boy ran around, didn’t watch a moment of TV all evening, and drove his father nuts about riding on the lawn mower got to ride on the lawn mower a lot.

Pile o’ mulch.
Watching and waiting for his Daddy to pick him up on the mower.
Done for the night.

I love that we can come home and spend a couple more hours out in the sunshine, and I love falling into bed completely exhausted afterward! I love spring!

So those are our springtime goals at the Huffaker House. Most of them are outdoor projects, which I love, but there is also a major change coming to the basic layout of the house in the new bathroom. It might sound like a lot of work, but honestly, there’s not much else I’d rather do. I might be messed up, but I really love working on our house, and I love knowing that we’re taking care of this old lady.