Putting in a Tiny Bathroom (Part I)

Hey guys! It’s been a couple weeks!

Normally, I try to post once a week, but about 10 days ago, The Boy brought home some kind of demon plague. He was sick for two days, barely moving from the couch. Then I got it, and then Peter went down with it. We’ve been almost non-functioning for a week, and I still have a cough, and Pete still has a sinus infection. Slowly, but surely, we are getting moving again, but yesterday I looked around and realized we’d spent a week and a half making a mess of the house and eating frozen pizzas for dinner and watching television.

So what that means is that this post is mostly pictures of a small amount of progress that has been made on a couple of things.

First, I’ve started plants and am getting really excited to transplant them. I decided not to go too big on my veggie garden this year, as it’ll be a busy summer, but I also knew I wanted cut flowers for the house all summer long. To that end, I started a couple of colors of Benary’s Giant Zinnias and two colors of basil, both for eating and for adding to the bouquets.


I’ve read that Benary’s Giant Zinnias make awesome cut flowers, so I’m excited to see them this summer. I bought these two colors…


…and I figure mixed with basil and the other cutting flowers I already grow, I should have pretty bouquets all season.

Second, I mentioned earlier this year that we’ve decided to add a half bathroom upstairs for resale value. We finally started on that project last weekend (before Pete got sick) and did some more this weekend (after Pete started feeling better).

The tiny, tiny half bath is going in a corner of The Boy’s “bedroom” (he doesn’t ever actually sleep there, but it holds his excess toys and serves as a playroom sometimes– spoiled much?). It’ll make that bedroom significantly smaller, leaving it to function really as a nursery or a small home office for someone someday, but the half bathroom seemed much more valuable than a third large bedroom. In this configuration, we kept all the closets upstairs. We’ve spent years trying to figure out how we’d add a small bathroom, keep all the closets, and not mess too much with the original floor plan. This option gives us most of those things, just forcing us to build a small “hallway” to The Boy’s room from the landing with the bathroom off to the right. I’ll take more pictures of the entry to the bathroom and The Boy’s room when we get a little further along.

Peter cut out a part of the floor last weekend…



…and this weekend he started building the wall.




My dad is coming this weekend and while he’s here, he’ll be roughing in the electrical. We’re on the plumber’s schedule for the second week of May, and then it’ll be time to install things like a pedestal sink, a toilet, and to choose things like sconces and flooring. I’m sure we’ll have lots of discussions about those things, but I’ve been working hard to find things that flow with the 1900 vintage of the home while still keeping the cost low and keeping functionality, including resistance to water, in mind.

Ultimately, this tiny bathroom will be a good investment in the value of the home, so we’re excited to get it done.

Hope everybody else has had a better 10 days than we have; here’s to the end of cold and flu season!!