I Sewed a Thing!

So, yeah, it’s been a while (again). Just busy, no real other excuses. And the stuff we’ve been working on hasn’t been pretty stuff that’s fun to read about, either.

Like this:



My dad came down and wired our new bathroom for us. He did an awesome and astoundingly quick job (I suppose a long career as an electrician will kind of make you an expert), and we were so thankful not to have to call in an electrician. Especially after Pete cut through a wire with a Sawzall and melted the blade.

And this:


Our old wooden house is needing a coat of exterior paint. I’ve been slowly working my away around the house with a power washer to prep. Last weekend, Peter’s students Mamie and Aaliyah came out for a few hours to paint a couple sides of the house. We’ve got a long way to go, but we were really appreciative of their work.

And, I guess one exciting thing has happened: I finished my sewing class and am now venturing into the world of doing things alone and unguided!

I meant to write more updates while taking the class, but life. Anyway, when it came time to start trying to do something completely by myself, I decided to start with a simple curtain with back tabs. I already have a curtain for the back entrance to our house, and I really love it, but I wanted something small and doable for my first project. And that curtain is adorable, but sometimes the yellow gets to me and I need a break from it. I want to keep loving it!

That said, I knew there was a pretty good chance I’d screw it all up, so I picked some seriously cheap-o fabric and started trying to figure out how the curtain was made. I went with a white fabric with ships all over it. No, I don’t love it, in fact, I kind of hate it, but I knew The Boy would like the boats, or “butts” as he calls them, so at least one of us would get a kick out of my first project.


A couple hours and NO MAJOR SCREW-UPS later, I had a serviceable curtain with back tabs that protects the neighbors from our pajama-clad forms when it’s dark outside. The Boy does, in fact, like the “butts”, and I learned a lot, including what I do and don’t like in a pattern and that sewing short lengths is way harder than long lengths! I might actually make one more curtain now that I have a basic understanding of construction and can focus on picking out a fabric that I love. I’m going to attempt a lining, as well. This will be the curtain’ed’est window in the house!


I also have a pillow project in mind, and plan to try to make my own piping for it, so wish me luck!

EDIT: Oh, and I successfully let out and hemmed a pair of seersucker paints for myself over the weekend, again, figuring it out as I went. Can you imagine how the world has changed for me? The world of pants?!? Let’s just say that cute pants almost never come in talls, and when they do, they are never on sale.


Yes, I wear socks with my boat shoes at work. I work in a library. It is cold. And yes, I wear boat shoes at work. No, I cannot tie leather shoestrings.