Progress in Pictures

Pete spent the weekend drywalling the new bathroom. So there are half walls now…




Above, the view from what’s left of The Boy’s room. Imagine that cut-off doorway moving about 4′ toward you. That’s how we’ll end up with a tiny hallway with a bathroom to your right (as you walk toward yourself in this picture) and the new door to The Boy’s room directly ahead of you.


Next steps include flooring, wainscoting, painting, trim boards, and the building of both new doors and another wall to finish out that small hallway. Oh, and repainting The Boy’s room, probably. Yikes.

And the installation of fixtures, including this cool sink I found online:


It’s a very small pedestal sink, but it has an Art Deco era feel to it. I’m looking forward to seeing it up in the room. And I chose an easy-to-do piece of “art” for the wall, too, and it’ll take advantage of another free historical resource, so look out for that!

I spent the weekend giving the back of the house a new coat of paint and new trim paint, all while chasing The Boy and watching the dog (who had to be tied up, much to her disappointment and frustration). It looks pretty sweet back there now.


Porch paint will happen when we get all interior renovations, especially those including drywall, finished.


Nothing matches old windows.


And finally, never underestimate the potential of one of the broken babies (or as my Grandma Noel would say, beebees) on the discount rack at your local home improvement megastore. This Drift rose was so sad when I saved it for $3 last year! Look at her now!