A Sewing Milestone: My First Wearable!

I’m sure everybody’s wondering about the big Tiny Bathroom reveal. Well, you have to wait. In a couple of weeks, I’ll tell you a long and fascinating story about a toilet…

In the meantime, I have crossed a very important threshold in my sewing. I made my first dress! And it looks good enough to wear to work!

I’d been wanting to move into wearable projects for a little while. A few weeks ago, I spotted this fabric on Fabric.com and knew right away I wanted to make a dress out of it:


I love the retro colors and the flat design. The fact that it incorporates mustard yellow, which is a color I love but cannot wear, is a bonus!

After trolling the web forever, I found a tutorial for a simple jersey knit dress. (It’s on a fabulous blog, by the way; I generally don’t like fashion blogs, but this girl sews a lot, though not all, of her own clothes and her designs are fun and current in a way that it seems a lot of sew-it-yourself designs are not.) I cut out the pieces using a sweater that I already own that fits me loosely, and then Friday evening and Saturday morning, I sat down and made my dress! It’s not perfect, and there is a mistake I need to fix, but all-in-all, I’m proud of my first dress! If you want to make a similar dress, I highly recommend her tutorial; I didn’t post pics of my process here because it’s her process and it’s brilliant.

Saturday morning, no makeup pic.


I love how soft the material is; it feels just like a t-shirt!


And I really, really love the pattern!

If I make another of these dresses, which I probably will, I’ll make sure the cut the collar a bit lower. I kind of like how high it turned out, but I know it’s not supposed to be that way, so I’ll try to fix that. I’ll also do a better job with the collar lining; that was my first try at it!

I also spent about 45 minutes hemming The Boy a pair of cut-0ff shorts. Almost nothing drives me crazier than finding out he hasn’t worn a piece of clothing I’ve bought him. If he outgrows something, he’ll never wear it and I’ve just wasted money. So I hate sending new or usable clothing to sit in his (very necessary) emergency stash at school. This time, I just cut off the legs of a pair of pants that he’s almost grown out of it, hemmed them up, and sent them to school with him. They’re stained already, and I didn’t spend more money on a pair of shorts (to be fair, kid shorts from Walmart are like $5, but that’s $5 I don’t have to spend and I hate going to Walmart; sewing on the couch while watching the boys play trains and listening to a baseball game is a much better pastime).

My not-that-even whip stitch. Whatever, it’ll do the job. Nice stain there on the leg, huh?

So that’s what I did all weekend! I feel very productive!