Inching Toward Our Goals, and Finally, a Habitable Guest Bedroom

Hey guys!

In all the hubbub surrounding getting a new bathroom built (almost finished!), rebuilding and finishing the porch (also almost finished!), repainting the house, and my general updates about sewing and/or gardening (I’m sure they’re fascinating!…cricket noises…), I forgot to show you all the guest bedroom!

I started trying to make this room more pleasant last October by repainting it. Then I shared a resource I had found for downloading and printing Audubon book plates for your home. And then…well, I dropped it and never looked back.

I haven’t shared to this point because the entire upstairs has been one hot mess due to bathroom renovations, but we’re in the home stretch of those, so on Sunday, Peter and The Boy and I finally cleaned up the second story. After we cleaned up, I photographed the guest room. Here’s what it looks like now!


Rather pleasant, if I do say so myself!

And we finally got The Boy’s playroom put back together after, as well.




The wall with the artwork is new; it’s the wall of the new bathroom. To get to The Boy’s room (I guess the anonymity is shot to hell when I post a picture with his name in it), you just walk through a tiny hallway that we created in the process of carving out a bathroom.


The tiny bathroom is to the right, but you’ll have to wait to see it until next week-ish because we’re still waiting for the actual, permanent toilet, a mirror, and a couple other odds and ends.

We don’t feel like taking 4-5′ out of The Boy’s room hurt it much, and it was certainly worth it to add another half bath. And the more we talk about it, the more we’re pleased with how the little addition went in; we think it looks like it was either there all along, or was a later addition to the house, maybe something in the 20’s or 30’s for modernization’s sake. We’re okay with that. Lots of homes have later-than-original additions that make them more livable. We like that ours is unobtrusive but super practical.

Finally, an update on the porch saga which started…well, last summer? We’re getting closer!

Peter did most of the scraping while The Boy and I were out grocery shopping, but I got to do some, too. My family and I scraped an entire barn one summer when I was a teenager. This felt very familiar and unpleasant, especially in the 93 degree heat.
Best way to cool down on a HOT day…Minions popsicles!


Doesn’t everybody decorate with massive hunks of wood, satellite dishes, and power tools?

We’re getting closer to meeting all of our springtime/summertime goals!