Rocket Bed!

We’ve been thinking for a while that The Boy’s trundle bed needed an upgrade. A while ago, we decided to make it into a rocket bed, and Peter started working on a plan for the bed and I got to work on a blanket.

I finished the blanket a few weeks ago:


I appliqued his initial onto the top, and hid a tiny moon in the bottom corner of the underside.


A few weeks ago, Pete took The Boy outside and cut out a rocket-shaped piece of wood to make the trundle into more of a day bed where he could sit up and read books before bed.


I like this picture because it looks like The boy is about to whop his dad in the head.

This weekend, we finally finished the rocket bed. I love the result.

First, we painted the rocket. The Boy and I had had some fun with crayons on one side of it, so we preserved that side and only painted the other side. Peter painted it the same blue as the cabinetry in our bedroom, and then I went back in with a small brush and painted some details. I’m not an artist, but the result is fun. I mean, it’s clearly handpainted by someone who has no skill or talent, but it’s sweet and simple and I like it anyway.


The trundle is really just the crib mattress and support set inside a wooden frame with casters for easy maneuvering. Peter rigged it up a while back, so this weekend was just painting and attaching the rocket.

The Boy helped, of course.






The final result, with the blanket, is pretty dang cute!!