Textiles: My Personal Weak Spot

Shew, it’s been a while. Honestly, we just haven’t been doing THAT much on the house in the last month or so. Peter and I both work in academia, and once that school year gets going…all bets are off for a while.

I’ve been trying not to purchase things for the house lately; you know how sometimes you just reach critical mass and you start looking around for things you could simplify instead of complicate? I think I reached that over the summer and have been trying to hold off on purchases I’ve pondered for a while.

We did buy a rug. Our sweet old lady dog Maggie, who passed away early this year, had ruined a cheap Lowe’s rug that was under our bed, protecting our feet from the cold, old hardwood floors of a 1900 house.

Poor Miss Maggie: Loved Pete, Destroyed Rugs.

I had tried to fix it with a carpet cleaner, and then a carpet shampooer, but ultimately, we just needed a new rug. After searching, and searching, and searching, we finally both settled on this one in grey from Rugs USA. It was simple, natural fiber, the right size. We bought it and put it in our room and it looked lovely.


It was pretty and simple and felt great under my feet. And it stayed there approximately 4 hours.

Our other old lady dog, Dixie, has a habit of rolling around like a maniac on the floor after she eats. YOU GUYS, SHE’S JUST SO HAPPY. So of course, because this was a woven rug, she created a whole bunch of pulls, 85% of which I could fix. She sleeps on her own bed in our bedroom, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of locking her out when she’s been allowed to sleep in there for 10 years…so up it went into the guest room, which is now really, super cozy. Seriously, you should come stay with us. Enjoy the rug.

Miss Dixie: Different Tactic, Still Destroys Rugs.

So basically, we still have no rug and I’m waiting until I feel a sufficient amount of time has passed before I try again. I’ll be finding something that’s tufted this time.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself lately is I have a thing for textiles. Don’t get me wrong, I like choosing paint colors, I LOVE case furniture, and dishes and stuff are alright, but I think in the home decor (and really even just general life) department, my first and truest love is with cloth. I genuinely like rug shopping, which is not something I can say about car shopping. Or cookware shopping. Or television shopping (ugh, the worst, I had a anxiety attack in a Best Buy once).

I like natural fibers and lots of texture. I find myself drawn to cotton and seagrass and wool. I visibly shudder when I touch a throw blanket thinking it should be cotton only to find out it’s acrylic. I think I caught myself saying, “Nope” out loud the other day when I did it at TJ Maxx. I spent way too much money on a new quilted blanket from Schoolhouse Electric (seen above on the bed) because it was light and 100% cotton and had a pretty, simple pattern on it.

I recently bought this beautiful scarf from a seller on Etsy because it was cotton and silk and hand block printed and naturally dyed and goes with everything I own because I own almost exclusively grey and navy blue things.

I NEEDED it to go with my navy dress, my grey cardigan, and my navy sandals. Duh.

I’m beginning to understand, too, how people can end up spending a fortune on fabric for projects they may or may not eventually make. I made a couple baby blankets for friends and had so much fun picking out materials.


I’m not even kidding, I also bought that Narwhal fabric in white. Just because.

I’ve got some plans (and have bought the material) for flannel pillows for our bed this winter, so I’ll be trying to do some sewing soon, both to practice and just because I like to change things up.

I think I’m gonna have to come up with a storage solution for all of this someday. Good thing I’ve got a husband who builds things…

You guys who sew– is this a problem for you, too?? Do you binge buy fabric without a set-in-stone project in mind?