Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments

As I admitted a couple posts ago, I’m really trying to jump on the Christmas decor train this year. However, I’m also really trying not to end up with a house full of purchased Christmas decorations that a) will be out of style tomorrow and b) have no emotional meaning for me. I am almost finished making our stockings, The Boy and I made some cinnamon and glitter ornaments, and now, I’ve started a long-term project to create lots of handmade felt ornaments for our future Christmas trees.

Trolling around Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I saw a beautiful “Swam A-Swimming” ornament and instantly fell in love. A little digging and I found the website of the lady who designed it, and then learned that she’s working on an entire series of ornaments that represent the Twelve Days of Christmas. The first is the Partridge and Pear, so I ordered the pattern and some pretty wool felt and got to work!



There’s a lot of intricate embroidery in these things, but they’re fairly easy projects and they look so pretty on the tree! I’m excited to tackle the Turtle Dove, and look forward to the day, months from now (partly because the artist hasn’t finished designing the series), when I have all of them done!

One more look at them together:




I hope everybody is finding ways to make their holidays special, even if you’re not making anything but memories!