Family Stockings: Done(ish)

I am about to publish this post. It is full of photos taken (poorly) with my iPhone. Let it be known I am not a photographer, I have crappy lighting in my house, I have an unsteady hand with the iPhone, and I’m not a real blogger, just a lady who posts things in case anyone is interested.

Disclaimer over.

I made stockings for everyone except my brother because he isn’t coming down here for Christmas. He’ll get one, too, but my folks will be around a bit sooner than he will be, so theirs were the priority. He doesn’t lack a stocking because he’s less important; he lacks a stocking because his arrival is less imminent. I present our family’s stockings, minus an important person’s, as captured by my iPhone at 8 p.m. last night.

I’m so dang pleased with myself over how they all coordinate. I love the menswear vibe, and the red/black/white/gray color scheme really makes me happy.

Here’s our pretty 2016 mantle.


And I finished another felt ornament for the 12 Days series. It’s the Turtledove. I’ve done an about face on my plans for the ones I’ll keep, though, so this guy will probably get gifted sometime either this Christmas or after I have a full set of gift ones.


I’m 100% sure I won’t post again before Christmas, so hope you all have lovely winter holidays!