Playing Along with the ORC

Hey everybody!

So I decided instead of doing the spring 2017 One Room Challenge™ for the next six weeks, I would just play along quietly, on the side, to the best of my abilities. Here are my reasons:

  1. It’s the end of the semester and we both work in higher ed, which means Peter and I have about zero time to devote to stuff. In fact, he’s going to be busy much of the weekend for the next three weekends doing stuff at his school, which leaves me in charge of the Little Person, who is kind of a bad painting buddy. I’m going to try to get as much done over the next few weeks as possible, but ultimately, I questioned my ability to pull off any major house change in April/early May, and didn’t want to be the blogger making excuses and showing a half-finished project.
  2. I have a weird privacy thing about this blog. On the one hand, it’s almost zero fun to write a blog if nobody is reading. On the other, I’m not sure I want the thousands of readers a spot in the ORC could potentially bring (more likely hundreds, but who knows). I chickened out, but did start making sure privacy is a part of my thought process– like changing some things on my blog-linked Instagram account.
  3. I had surgery on my ear (long story) last month, and I just didn’t feel like everything I’d want to do to transform our bedroom was in the budget in the next six weeks. Not that it would have been that expensive, but if I start sharing the blog more widely, I want it to be a project I’m proud of, and when I’m balking at the price of fabric for curtains…probably not time to pull off a major change anywhere.

All of that said, I do have plans for the room, and I do want to accomplish them, so I’m thinking I’ll play along a bit and start working on our bedroom now. The ORC is a biennial event, so maybe I’ll do it in October (though I don’t know that there are any rooms in the house that I feel need a major overhaul after the bedroom. Maybe Pete’s workspace/the laundry room? Not sure how he’d feel about me poking around in there, but at the very least, it needs paint and custom (made by me) curtains for its weirdly-sized, old windows.

Anyway, most of the guest bloggers joining the ORC (so not the designers, but the amateurs with a small/medium-sized blog who are having fun and playing along) last week shared their rooms in their “before” state.

Here’s ours:


This is our master bedroom, complete with closets built by us last winter, the Boy’s bed, and actually, a different rug from the one showed above. Here’s a better view of the closets:


This room gets great light, has pretty wood floors, nice new closets, and a KILLER milk painted or glazed TURQUOISE BLUE CEILING. It’s seriously the thing that convinced me to buy the house. I mean, it’s gorgeous. I’ll post about it on its own soon.

Things I plan to change:

I get stuck in a blue rut in the room because of the ceiling and the white walls, but that’s going to change. I’ve chosen a new color for the closets and shelves, and I plan to do that painting soon. Also, I need to paint the insides of the closets, a project that just never completely got finished. The new color, by Valspar:



I haven’t bought new sheets in years, and I’m very picky on print and material. I finally found some I really love and after an ordering snafu, they’re on the way. I actually picked a print instead of just plain white, so I’m looking forward to some fun bedding. New territory for me!

I have to figure out the artwork situation. We don’t have any on the walls, and just a pretty Motawi tile and a wedding photo on the shelves. Can you tell I love birds? It’s my grandfather speaking through me, I think.


I’ll probably stick with the bird theme in here, since I must of what I decorate with has a “naturalist” slant to it. I’m wanting to add some more exciting colors, so I may go bold.

I have to change the curtain situation. The ones in here are too short and also just single panels (bought when we had no money for curtains and just needed to cover the windows at night). I have dream curtains, but I doubt they’re anywhere close to the budget, even if they went on sale, so I’ll either make them or buy some inexpensive white ones.

I’m making some new spring pillows. I’ve picked a couple different materials, and they’re different from what I’d usually pick.


And finally, the room seems cold because of all the white and blue. Peter has built me an AWESOME linen oak chest, and it’ll go at the foot of the bed and warm up the room (I hope). I can’t wait to show it off after he finishes the inside of it. It’s his most detailed build to date and he used ZERO power tools on the whole thing- just hand tools, and mostly restored, antique ones at that. The man is both creative and dedicated to learning; not much cooler than that in a spouse.

Okay. So that’s my plan. Thanks for listening! I’ll post as I go, but I also have a couple more garden-related posts planned. If they’re useful to you guys, let me know! I feel like I’ve started to grow some kind of green thumb (maybe that’s the other grandparent, my sweet Grandma Noel, visiting me) and I love sharing about that. Oh, and the ducks are like, ADULTS now, so I’ll share about that soon, too!

Happy Easter, everybody! See you soon!