ORC Week 1: Master Bedroom

Hello, all! I’ve finally gotten up the gumption to join the The One Room Challenge™. Hosted by Calling It Home, the One Room Challenge™ is a 6-week event held twice a year in which designers and bloggers transform one room in their home. Twenty professional designers participate, and then hundreds of amateur bloggers link up their own rooms as well.

I’ve hesitated about joining this challenge before for a couple of reasons, but I need some motivation to do some things in the master bedroom in our 117-year-old home, so it seems like the perfect way to get moving on it. If you’re new to the blog and came here from the guest participant list, welcome! Click on “Tour the R.O. Huffaker House” to find out about our vernacular cottage home in East Tennessee!

Here are some BEFORE before shots of the bedroom, from when we moved to the house in May, 2012.




We originally used this room as a living room. It had two doors, one off the main hallway and one off the dining room. A couple years later, we decided to make the room into a master bedroom. We weren’t happy with the room we were using at the time, and we also figured out a way to add closets to this room (read about it here, here, here,and here), turning the house from a 2 bedroom home (because only two rooms had both methods of egress and closets) into a 3 bedroom home. We did those renovations in the winter of 2015-6.

Since then, we’ve used the room off and on as we transition our son to his own bedroom (that’s been a lengthy process in itself), and I’ve struggled with the overall design of the space. The finished room looked like this in 2016.


The room has some cool details.

Let me start with the ceiling: it is AMAZING. I’ve considered doing an entire post on it before, and maybe I still will, but it’ll take some research first. It is original to the home, and was covered up before the previous owner found it under nasty wood paneling. Why someone would cover that ceiling up is beyond me. I fell in love with it at first sight and I’m not going to lie, it influenced my decision about buying the home.


As far as we can tell, the ceiling is either glazed or milk painted. It’s an absolutely stunning ocean blue and it has every color on the blue/green spectrum in it. I struggle to even photograph it, it’s so beautiful and varied.

I also LOVE the copper color of this fixture. It’s not original, but it was a good choice by the previous owner. The only one I really like in the whole house, but a good one nonetheless.

The problem with the ceiling is that I’ve never known quite what to do with the rest of the room in relation to it. The blue has challenged me in the past because I didn’t know what OTHER colors to incorporate. I went with my gut, which was to stick to varying shades of blue, but I’m bored with that, and the navy on the cabinets robs the room of its light. It actually gets a lot of it; our house has extra tall windows and the bedroom faces south and west.


I don’t plan to do any real construction in this room (which would be done by Peter anyway, because I’m pretty useless). The closets need a little touch-up work; the doors have to be planed down a bit, the insides have never been painted, I kind of want contrasting hardware, and Pete has issues with the top piece for some reason or another.


The rest of my goals in here? I want to do some painting to lighten things up, hang some new art on a poster hanger we are going to fabricate, add new fabrics that pull the blue down from the ceiling, and make new curtains. The budget is small (paint and fabric, at this point), but I’ve already bought some of the essentials. I’ll also be showing off something amazing that Pete built for the space.


So here we go: joining big blogger thing, have a lot of work to do, excited to see the result! Check out the ORC homepage to see the all the rooms people are planning to work on during the 6-week challenge!


6 thoughts on “ORC Week 1: Master Bedroom”

  1. I already love what you have in your bedroom, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Welcome to ORC, this is my 4th time around, and it is so much fun! 🙂

    1. I LOVE the ceiling in this room. I just lay there and stare at it sometimes. I can’t wait to see your breakfast nook– it’ll be so nice in the morning with a hot drink!

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