ORC Week 2: Painting and the Plan

Hello, followers of the One Room Challenge!

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If you missed last week’s post, just a quick rewind: I joined a semi-annual event where professional and amateur designers redesign a room in just six weeks! If you’re interested in the challenge, read about the featured designers (the pros) here and see all the projects by guest participants here. So many cool projects happening in so many beautiful homes!

Last week, I discussed my room o’choice: the master bedroom.

This room was originally our living room, and had two doors, one to the hallway, and one to the dining room. We redesigned this room to add closets a couple of years ago, covering the dining room door. When we finished and turned it into a bedroom, I was stuck in a blue rut; I didn’t know what else to do with this gorgeous, original, 117-year-old milk painted ceiling.


So the room ended up with blue closets, which were admittedly not awful, but I’ve been feeling like the room could be so much happier.


For a year or two, I’ve been designing a new room in my head. Here’s a little peak of the vibe I’m going for:

Let’s call it “warm modern cottage with antique vibes.”

What will it take to get there, you ask?

Well, one of the biggest jobs in this room is painting the cabinets. I did that last week! Additionally, I want to add some more color; I’ve been stuck in that blue rut for so long that I’m ready to take some risks. I’m going to use some beautiful fabrics (3 and counting) to make pillows and new curtains. I want to add some artwork, too; can you believe we’ve never had any in here? And finally, a complete revamp of bedding and some baskets (for holding my parents’ dog’s toys and probably for Agnes the Devil Cat to sleep in) should add some pattern and texture. Finally, the addition of a brand new piece of furniture built by my ridiculously talented and smart husband should cap it all off.

In my head, all of this works together, doesn’t look too busy, adds cheer and warmth to the room, and updates it to look like a nice mix of modern, antique, and cottage. In my head, the blacks, browns, blues, reds, grays, and greens all compliment each other in a nice, organic, happy way, and in my head it doesn’t look like a Hobby Lobby threw up all over it. We shall see!

Task number 1 was painting the cabinetry. I took last Thursday off to complete that task. Here I am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and make-up free early Thursday. Mama had cabinets to paint before school let out, so it was a “get at it early” kinda morning.


These cabinets are a pain to paint, and to top it off, I was painting over dark navy blue (Volcanic Ash by Valspar). My new color choice is Sandy Sage by Valspar. Halfway through the project, I was really questioning my life choices.

The dark blue showed through the first coat so badly and really made the gray look like a dingy white. Not the vibe I’m going for.

However, after a second coat, I’m seeing the warm green-toned gray I was going for and feeling much better.



I’m wondering if the new color is going to convince me that I have to paint the bed black to give it some contrast. For the record, the bed has already been painted and is chipping badly, so it wouldn’t be ruining an original finish. I think I’ll put that decision off a few weeks while figuring everything else out!

Time to get back to work! Next up on the list: a rundown of the furniture and artwork I’ve chosen for the room! See you next week!