ORC Week 3: Furniture and New Art!

Hey everybody! Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge at the Huffaker House! If you’re interested in the challenge, read about the featured designers (the pros) here and see all the projects by guest participants here.

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Last week’s big news was that the navy cabinetry in the master bedroom got a serious lightening-up in the form of a paint job. They went from dark, dark blue to a light, warm, green grey called Sandy Sage (by Valspar). I love how much lighter the room looks with the cabinetry painted in a light neutral. It really feels like a blank canvas.


I also shared a mood board for the room. I’m going for a “warm modern cottage with antique vibes” look.


Part of that antique vibe is going to come from the furniture in the room, which won’t be changing much.

I have to keep the current layout. The bed can’t move, and it makes too much sense to match our dressers to the side of the room occupied by each of our closets. Almost all the furniture in here is antique.


This dresser came from Pete’s grandfather’s house. (Reminder to self: push in drawers before taking photos, Shoemaker.) It has original hardware and a mirror that bounces great light.

On the other side of the room is my great grandfather’s dresser.



I love the warm color of the wood, all the little nicks and coffee stains, and the original knobs. This dresser has become home to all the “things” that will go on the shelves once I’m satisfied that the paint has cured completely.


The bed is also an antique, but it’s been painted and is chipping. I’m considering painting it black for this challenge, and Peter plans to build us a Shaker-style bed in the near future.

The only non-antique piece? Behold my paneled blanket chest, last year’s Christmas present built by Peter!


Honestly, I didn’t get my Christmas present until May, but still…isn’t it beautiful?  There are 7 floating panels in this thing. It’s made of solid oak and weighs a ton (like, I need help moving it). And what’s more? He only used hand tools to make it.


That’s right. Peter generally doesn’t use power tools. He does everything with tools that have been used for hundreds of years…a lot of times with tools that are actually hundreds of years old. I just can’t believe sometimes how talented and brilliant he is.

So the furniture is staying, with a possible paint job on the bed.

What will be new, however, is the artwork. We’ve never really had any artwork in here while using the room as a bedroom. Take a look at what I’ve picked out!

The top left is a print by Etsy artist Clare Elsaesser, titled “The Sound.” Elsaesser has become a darling of the blog world, and for good reason: her paintings make people feel things. (This one has always reminded me of my Grandmother.)

I’ve had this print pinned for about 3 years, and I think it speaks to me because…well, it could be me. I’m not in the habit of topless seagoing, but the woman in the photo has my body style and hair color. I struggle with anxiety and somehow, whether it’s the stormy atmosphere or the woman’s messy hair, I find this print comforting.


I also purchased this print, now out of stock from Scoutmob seller The Wandering. I wanted something that would add high contrast to the walls, and I love maps of any kind (though my heart truly belongs to star charts like this one). Peter made me a neat poster holder from a piece of exotic wood we picked up at the specialty lumberyard a few weeks ago.


Finally, I plan to print and frame the Cardinals plate by John Audubon, published in his Birds of America book between 1827 and 1839. I wrote a whole post on using Audubon prints in your home, complete with citations, here. I wanted a bit of red, and I’ve used other bird prints throughout our home. I can’t wait to see these two hanging in the bedroom!

Next week I’ll check in with all the textiles I’ve been making for this room. I’ve just about finished them: pillows, new lined curtains (how I didn’t die during that project, I will never know), and perhaps something else.

Also, off-topic, but while sewing the curtains, I also whipped up The Boy’s trick-or-treat bag. He’s going as a black bat, and requested a bag to coordinate. Much fashion, very trend.


See everybody next week!


3 thoughts on “ORC Week 3: Furniture and New Art!”

  1. I love your great-grandfather’s dresser. ❤ Also, Peter is so talented. Wow! I am impressed.

    Your forward momentum in this project impresses me. I've been all whiny during week three. LOL

    1. Ha! To be fair, I don’t have an entire nook with a ton of windows to paint, nor do I have a mostly broken finger. And PETER built the chest, not I. So, I think you get to whine a bit!

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