ORC Week 7: Warm Modern Cottage Bedroom

Reveal week is here!!

Yesterday, a host of professional designers and bloggers revealed their rooms. Today, it’s the guest participants’ turn to show off their labors. To be honest, I don’t even know how to write a “reveal” post, especially for something as big as the One Room Challenge. I guess the best way to kick it off is like this:


Behold! My warm modern cottage bedroom!

Over the course of the ORC, I’ve painted, done a lot of sewing, ordered and hung new artwork, chosen new linens, and added a beautiful oak blanket chest made by my husband. The room is a far cry from what it was a few weeks ago, remember?


It was dark and dreary, but new paint on our custom closets brightened it up and let the original blue milkpainted ceiling shine.


I took my first crack at making full-length lined curtains, and hung new artwork in the space.

But my favorite part of the room is the bed linens.


I made pretty new pillows and coordinated them with new sheets and some shams I found at Rejuvenation (on sale)! I love how the floral pillow pulls the blue off the ceiling and ties in the Audubon Grosbeak Cardinals print (which I downloaded from the Audubon website for free). The dark grey/olive paint job on the bed contrasts nicely with all the light colors.



This is really the first room in our home that I’ve just designed from top to bottom, and I’m so pleased with the result. It’s so nice to have such a lovely, coordinated, put-together space to just go…sit? I guess? I totally do just sit there and look around and feel fancy. I guess that’s a good barometer for success, though, right?



Sis likes to join in my sitting and looking.


She coordinates well with the cottage design.

Anyway, this was so very worth all the work. I loved picking things out and making things for this space. I’m already wondering what to do for the next ORC…




Thanks for looking, guys, and thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for hosting such a fun blogger event! This was such an inspiring project, and man, it’s so nice to share it with all of you.

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12 thoughts on “ORC Week 7: Warm Modern Cottage Bedroom”

  1. I feel fancy sitting and looking at your space, too.
    I think you were right to go with neutral on the walls to let the ceiling shine. The room looks so bright and comfortable. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Madeline! Your awesome teal room makes me think about doing some OTHER room in a deep, dark, all-over color, but you’re probably right on this one. Still…I’m learning to embrace color a bit and it turns out it’s super fun. Thanks for commenting!!!

  2. It is so, so pretty! You absolutely nailed the pattern and prints on the bed linens. I am really impressed. I agree that the new paint allows the original blue ceiling to show off now. What a difference! Everything about this room appeals to me. Great work!

    1. Stacy, thank you so much! I think this room is making me FINALLY understand how to incorporate color, even though my first inclination is ALWAYS to go neutral. What a fun challenge this was. I’m already trying to decide which room to tackle next…even Pete was suggesting rooms the other day…because basically, I require his participation. 🙂

    2. 😀 Yes, I think you’ve got it. I am already thinking about a spring ORC room too! I require Andy too. He helps me lift heavy stuff, and he gives me back pats when I need them. Ha!

    3. Peter makes me pretty things, fixes all the things I do wrong (unfortunately), and tells me when I’ve maybe made a weird choice. (Though I refused to listen to him on the black star chart next to the blue curtains, and I”m glad I did, because he was WRONG.) But MAN, is HE lucky to have ME, because, like, what would he do with all his time if I didn’t have him building me stuff and helping me move 500 lb. antique beds?

    4. 😂 I brought that owl in our breakfast nook home the other day, and Andy said. “I had no idea we even NEEDED an owl.” And I was like, “Duh. Of course we needed an owl.”

  3. This is one of the prettiest rooms I’ve ever seen! I love the ceiling and this really makes it shine! The bedding is so pretty, but I must admit that I have major bed envy! It’s gorgeous! You did such a great job!

  4. The room is so beautiful! I love the blue ceiling. And so funny the dog coordinates – my Siamese cat blends in perfectly on my daybed, she looks like she’s one of the pillows, but cat-shaped. LOL.

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