Kitchen Garden: The Plan

Hello, all! Yes, I’ve been gone for a while, but it’s winter and frankly, a whole lot doesn’t happen at the Huffaker House in the wintertime. I only blog when there’s something to blog about…and spring is almost here, so there’s about to be a whole lot to discuss!

Spring’s just a few short weeks away. AHHHH I can’t wait ’til the place looks like this again.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to have a real, honest-to-goodness garden this year, and recently, we’ve started taking steps to make that a reality.

Behold, the side yard.

Pic is from summer 2015, when I was refinishing the back door and a headframe.

Or, as it’s been known around here lately, the duck yard, because these three ladies have made it their home this winter.

Left to right, Idiot, Best Friend, and Lady Duck.

They made the side yard their winter stomping grounds, and over the course of the season turned it into a muddy, disgusting mess. As we were discussing how to repair the space (as in, reseeding it with grass seed), we realized that it was the perfect space to have my garden.


It’s really the only flat spot in the entire yard, and bonus, it’s literally right off the kitchen. See that cinnamon-colored door in the pic above? That’s an exterior door into my kitchen. I can literally walk out the door of the kitchen into my kitchen garden.

We talked a lot about tilling up half the space, different bed configurations, where to put in permanent paths, etc., and finally decided to till up the whole thing, minus a pea gravel path from behind the house to the shed/duck house.

That’s right. The whole thing will be my kitchen garden. I’m dying a thousand happy gardener deaths right now (and have been for a month, which I’m sure is getting under Peter’s skin).

So, because Pete is the big strong guy who likes to dig holes, and I’m the starry-eyed planner who isn’t super crazy about digging holes, he got to work right away on the pea gravel path.


And because he’s him and can’t stop once he’s started a project (and because we had a week’s worth of amazing February weather [cue all my terror about global warming]), in just a few short days, we went from this…


To this.

So now there is a gravel path. It’s connected to the one behind the house, which looks like this (below) in mid-spring. Just imagine the path extending all the way to the shed in the photo below.


Meanwhile I’ve been dreaming up the design, ordering plants and seeds, getting my infrastructure figured out, and crying happy tears in the corner when it all gets to be too exciting.

Stay tuned for more…the date for tilling it all up is coming soon!