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Kitchen Garden: Bring On the Plants!

Fun fact: I wrote this last week. It’s now freezing. But I came prepared with lots of plastic doo-dads to cover the planted babies, so it’s going to be okay. As we all freeze to death. In April in Tennessee. Anyway… … Continue reading

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Kitchen Garden: The Plan

Hello, all! Yes, I’ve been gone for a while, but it’s winter and frankly, a whole lot doesn’t happen at the Huffaker House in the wintertime. I only blog when there’s something to blog about…and spring is almost here, so … Continue reading

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New Stone Patio!

I think one of the most surprising things, at least to me, about owning a home, is the constant reevaluation of how you’re using a space. I know not everyone does this; some people are happy to get their home … Continue reading

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Easy, Free Newspaper Pots for Transplants

Hello, everybody! Dropping by to show you how I handle transplanting my vegetables, mostly tomatoes, when the seedlings are outgrowing the tray but the great outdoors isn’t ready for them yet! Every year, I jump the gun on starting my … Continue reading

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How to Buy Discount Plants

Or, as I call them, the “poor, broken babies.” I visit plant nurseries religiously throughout the summer; I love picking new flowers for my (full to bursting) garden. That said, my budget doesn’t always allow for buying everything I want to … Continue reading

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Building the Duck House

I think our ducks are going through their awkward teenager times right now. They’re starting to lose their down and I even see a few pinfeathers coming in. (Sorry for the picture of duck poop, but you know, that’s part … Continue reading

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Spring is ALMOST here!

Hello! hello… hello… hello… (crickets) Hey, tiny group of people who read the stuff I post to the internet…um, sorry. Man, this family gets in a rut in the wintertime (and we don’t even have a real winter– it’s Tennessee … Continue reading

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