Hi, and welcome to Anything Worth Doing! I’m Audrey, and I started this blog with one goal in mind;  I wanted to learn to make lasting things in a disposable world.

Why? Well, somewhere around 2011, I went shopping for throw pillows for our home, and found myself thoroughly ticked off about the price of a basic pillow cover without any special decoration. So, basically, I decided to teach myself embroidery so that I wouldn’t have to pay for throw pillows.


In 2012, my husband and I bought a 100-year-old house in East Tennessee. We now have a four year old, an old lady dog, a mean cat, and three completely idiotic ducks. We live in and maintain our historic home and want to learn to make the things with which we fill it.

This is a blog about learning to recognize and value craftsmanship, authenticity, and creativity. We want to be lifelong learners- so join us!

This is me…I’m watching you, journey.

5 thoughts on “About”

    1. Wait, you’re a Stierwalt? I should have known! I saw that Katie was friends with you, but I didn’t even think. My grandma and grandpa were best friends with Bob and Dee. I grew up playing in the Stierwalt barn. Yay for making blog friends!!!

    2. Yes I sure am!! My dad is the youngest of Bob & Dee’s kids and my parents live on the farm where the barn was (it burned down a number of years ago 😕). Craziness!!

  1. I know :(. I actually saw it burn from our farm. It was quite a blaze. I miss Bob; he was the sweetest man. Well, I look forward to following you on your blog and meeting you when we come visit Illinois this winter!!

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